Offering Hope and Encouragement in the Midst of Sorrow


Wedding rings continue to be a symbol to widows/widowers of the love they shared with their spouse. Whether or not to continue wearing wedding rings after the death of a spouse, is a very personal decision. Special jewelry carries with it emotions that become even more intense after the death of a spouse.  There are no rules widows/widowers must follow in regards to wearing their wedding rings.  It is not wrong to wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life if you so choose.  Those wishing not to wear their wedding ring are not wrong for taking it off.  The most important thing is not allow others to make the decision for you.  The choice must be yours, and yours alone.

         The following are ways of keeping memories alive through jewelry.

  • Wear the wedding ring of your spouse on a chain around your neck.

  • Widows/widowers rings can now be found online.  These rings allow for individual expression of grief.

  • Your spouse’s wedding ring can play an important role at the time your children get married. Consider allowing your son who is getting married to wear his father’s ring during the ceremony, or your daughter to wear her mother’s wedding ring.

  • Use charm bracelets to remember the special things about your spouse. Collect special charms that show interest that your spouse had. Your children may enjoy picking out charms for you to wear that remind them of their daddy. Widowers can use charm bracelets as an on going gift for their daughters, purchasing charms that remind them of their mother for special ocassions, adding charms over time.

  • Wearing your spouses birthstone after their death can be very meaningful.  Widows can wear the stone on a necklace or ring.  Widowers can wear the birthstone on a tie tack or lapel pin.