Offering Hope and Encouragement in the Midst of Sorrow

                        Sometime hugs speak louder than words.


         What to Say to a Widow/Widower

  • Your loss is so profound I don't know what to say, but I'd like to sit here and visit with you.
  • I'm sorry; I can't imagine how much you are hurting.
  • I'd like to be your friend...let's meet for coffee.
  • Would you like a friend to go along to that appointment with you?
  • Will you please call me if you get sick so I can help take care of your children?
  • I haven't lost a spouse; tell me what I can do to encourage you.
  • Your husband/wife meant a great deal to me.  I remember when he/she.......
  • May I make an extra casserole to put in your freezer for a hectic night? 
  • Your husband's/wife's love for you and your children was evident in everything he/she did.
  • Would you come for dinner and movie night at our house?
  • Do you have family to spend the holiday with? If not, would you please spend it with us?
  • You are doing a great job.  It's tough to raise kids alone.
  • May my husband and sons come put your Christmas lights up on your house for you? (and take them down)