Offering Hope and Encouragement in the Midst of Sorrow


             How Can Our Church Help Fellowship of 

              Young Christian Widows/Widowers?       

  • PRAY!  We covet your prayers for each widow/widower who contacts us for support.
  • FOYCWW is always in need of churches willing to organize groups of women to make small quilts for the children of widows/widowers.  The quilts are made from the clothing their parent once wore.  These quilts are very meaningful to children and are treasured into adulthood.
  • There is a need for women who are willing to make sock monkeys from socks once worn by a child's parent who has died.      
  • There is a need for those who are able to make small teddy bears from clothing once worn by a child's parent who has died.
  • Godly widows/widowers who have a desire to mentor new widows/widowers can always be utilized at FOYCWW.