Offering Hope and Encouragement in the Midst of Sorrow



Memory quilts offer limitless opportunities to express warm memories. Made with the clothing of the one who has died, quilts offer comfort in a tangible way. This quilt was made from shirts, but also included photos of the child with her father. Fabric stores offer instructions on how this can easily be done.  Women in the church where the widowed family attended, made this quilt.


Dad’s World Series tee shirt was once his favorite shirt. Now it brings comfort to his son’s heart at the center of his baseball quilt.  This quilt was made by women in the widowed family's church.


Flannel shirts make a warm and cozy quilt.  The women who made this quilt also made pillow cases to match.  This quilt was cut out and put together by a quilters club, then passed around the neighborhood where the widowed person lived for each family to help sew the stitches. 



The large initial that individualized a robe, now serves as a reminder of the one who wore the robe. The accompanying fabrics was from pajamas.  This quilt was made by a family who had never made a quilt before, and was a family project.  The father calculated the size of each piece to be cut, and the mother and daughters cut out the pieces and sewed them together.




             How do I find someone to make a memory quilt? 

  • Ask your church if there are any women or groups that would be willing to make a memory quilt for you.
  • Contact quilters clubs and ask if they would be willing to make the memory quilt for you.
  • Contact women you know who enjoy sewing and ask them if they would like to bless your family in this way.  Many women would be willing to do this if they knew it would be a blessing to you.