Offering Hope and Encouragement in the Midst of Sorrow

                                               Bouquet of Tears

Nicholas watched as the florist van pulled in the driveway. A young man stepped out with a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers. It didn’t take Nicholas long to figure out the flowers were for his mommy’s birthday. With great excitement Nicholas followed the man to the front door anticipating what a wonderful reaction his mommy would have when she saw such a floral display. Nicholas’ little legs beat his mommy to the dinning room table where she carefully placed the large ribbon strewn vase. His eyes were glued to his mommy’s eyes as she carefully opened the card that revealed the giver of the beautiful gift. He anticipated that his mommy would quickly lean over and swoop him into her arms and share the beauty of the moment. Nicholas was not prepared for the puddle of tears that consumed his mommy and caused her to grab the dinning room table to support the weight of her anguish. Roses, daisies and baby’s breath had nothing to do with the flood of tears. Spending the first birthday alone without her husband was what this meltdown was all about.