Offering Hope and Encouragement in the Midst of Sorrow



  • Who does a widow call when she has a flat tire and is stranded on the road?
  • Who takes care of their children while the widow/widower goes to the dentist?
  • Who bakes the widows/widower's birthday cake?
  • Who takes the widow out to dinner on Mothers Day?
  • Who makes a special dinner for the widower on Fathers Day?
  • Who comforts the widows/widowers when they cry?
  • Who remembers the widows/widower's wedding anniversary?
  • Who teaches the widow's son to play baseball?
  • Who teaches the widower's daughter to sew?
  • Who checks to make sure the widow arrived home safely after a late night church activity?
  • Who listens without judgment when the widow/widower is tired after a day of dealing with naughty children?
  • Who gives the widow a break just to run to the store alone?
  • Who offers the widower a bike ride, round of golf, or brisk walk without children.
  • Who cooks a meal for a sick widow/widower?
  • Who takes the widow/widower for outpatient surgical procedures?
  • Who is there to comfort them when the widows/widower's parent dies?
  • Who puts up widow's Christmas lights? (and takes them back down again)
  • Who takes widower's children to the doctor or stays home with them when they are sick and he has to work?


                                  IF NOT YOU, THEN WHO?