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                                             I'm Supposed to Cook?    

Right now there is a man in his kitchen cooking dinner for his family.  He is whipping up baked salmon roulade to serve on a potato galette, drizzled with a puree of sun dried tomatoes.  If you aren't that man, have no fear. You are not alone!  We receive desperate pleas from Saratoga to New York City crying for help, "How do I work full time, clean the house, pay the bills...AND cook?" 

The day you opened your freezer and found all the frozen casseroles brought by the ladies in your church were gone, reality hit that unless you hired a personal chef, or ate dinner at Panera's every night, you had to resort to learning how to gain control over the kitchen.  No need to worry about gourmet dinners, you are in survival mode and need to focus on quick, easy and healthy dinners.

Let's start with a few helpful suggestions:

  • Enlist help from the older ladies in your church.  Ask them to help teach you some simple recipes that would be easy for you to fix.
  • Utilize every available convenience appliance to do the work for you.  Throwing some quick ingredients into a crockpot before you leave for work will provide a hot dinner ready to eat upon your arrival home.  Rice steamers will cook your rice to perfection with as little effort as pouring in rice and water. Toaster ovens can quickly turn french bread slices into mini pizzas by adding some sauce, shredded cheese, and a package of precooked chicken.
  • If you have children at home, even young children, you can teach them to do things you will find very helpful.  You will not ruin your child's life if you enlist their help before and after dinner time.  Make food preparation and clean up a time to chat with your kids.  It will not only save you time; it will give you the opportunity to spend quality time with them.